According to an article published on the Colombian economic and business information portal, “Glamping” has become a new form of accommodation that combines luxury with the outdoor camping experience.

This trend is growing rapidly and has become a driving force for hoteliers, but it also presents challenges such as the formalization and regulation of the sector. The Colombian Hotel and Tourism Association (Cotelco) has created the Chamber of Glamping and New Accommodation Modalities to help unite entrepreneurs and promote orderly growth.

One of these challenges is ensuring that many informal establishments comply with environmental laws, as they are located in protected areas without proper licenses, which can endanger the natural balance of the area.

Additionally, the Chamber of Glamping and New Accommodation Modalities aims to promote sustainable practices in the tourism sector to ensure responsible long-term development.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism stated that it is important to establish regulations for individuals and companies offering tourism services. He also emphasized the importance of having good air connections to support hotels in Colombia.

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