Ecotourism is a tourist activity that takes place in nature with the main objective of preserving the balance with the environment without altering it.

It’s about appreciating nature and everything related to the culture of a place, promoting respect for the environment and the well-being of the visited population.

Pareja disfrutando de un Glamping Tipo burbuja en medio de la naturaleza

Currently, tourists are better informed when traveling, have access to much broader offers, and seek authenticity in their travel experiences. Nowadays, the trend is to be more demanding and careful when choosing a destination. Travelers look into everything related to accommodation, transportation, places to visit, and more.

Of course, when choosing a special place to rest, escape the noise, and pollution, and break the routine, they also want accommodation that provides good and new experiences.

If you are looking for a natural environment where you can do outdoor activities, connect with nature, and the charms of a magical place, it is essential to choose a good place to sleep and truly rest. This is where the big choice comes in: Camping or Glamping?

The camping model, although still a plan chosen by some, faces the growing trend of Glamping; since most tourists want something more. The modern adventurous traveler seeks a peaceful and natural place but with amenities and comfort. Natural no longer has to be synonymous with discomfort. This is where this type of tourism called Glamping comes in.


Glamping differs from camping in that it offers certain comforts such as a private bathroom, hot shower, a pleasant double bed, many have heating, air conditioning, and an equipped kitchen. Glamping accommodations have infrastructure created in the middle of nature, like a hotel. It’s a dream within the ecological tourism you want to experience.

Comodidades dentro de un lujoso Glamping tipo Domo

The offerings range from treehouses, domes, rooms set in the middle of a forest, transparent bubbles for star-gazing, caves, ice hotels, igloos, and more.

Glamping equals glamour plus camping. It’s a modern form of ecotourism that adds charm and distinction to the simple act of camping.

With this new form of ecotourism, you won’t spend your vacation time setting up tents or cooking food. By glamping, you’ll only think about relaxing and enjoying the moment while watching the stars.

Glamping accommodations are committed to caring for the environment. They always take advantage of the natural elements surrounding them to make the journey to nature a new concept.


In recent years, glamping has become one of the favorite tourist options for Colombians. The offer is so vast that you can enjoy glamping in many areas with different climates and views. Here are some options if you want to go glamping in a cold climate.


This department concentrates a large part of the glamping accommodations in the country. Its location, landscapes, and great variety of fauna and flora make it the perfect area for ecological tourism.

Some of its main attractions are its beautiful lagoons and reservoirs, places where you can do various water activities. Romantic sailboat rides to watch the sun set at the end of the day, or perhaps something a bit more daring for adventure lovers like kayaking or kitesurfing. All this, just a couple of hours from its capital, Bogotá.


Undoubtedly, this is the most popular municipality in terms of ecotourism in the department of Cundinamarca. If you are thinking of glamping in this area and doing some water activities, we recommend using sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothing as temperatures tend to drop considerably at night, and rain is also common. This will depend on the time of year you decide to travel. Checking the weather will help you have a better experience on your next vacation to Guatavita.


If you are looking for a different vacation where you can experience the culture and history of a region, Boyacá is the perfect place for you.

Its culture and history are the charm that attracts national and foreign tourists who want to go glamping in Colombia. Here you can learn all about the fascinating Muisca culture and visit the beautiful and historic town of Villa de Leyva, which amazes everyone with its colonial architecture.

Adventure is just around the corner; plan your glamping vacation now!