Sleeping under the stars in an immense field, with all the comfort of a luxury double bed and a nice hot shower, while waking up to the sound of birds in an accommodation surrounded by nature. Hotel-style services are just some of the countless advantages that Glamping offers, a new accommodation trend that has arrived to stay in Colombia.

Whether you’re already passionate about this form of ecotourism or curious and eager to experience it, here’s everything you need to know about this topic.


Initially, the idea emerged as a resource for tourists who enjoy ecological walks, natural parks, and remote locations where large hotel chains are not feasible. Four years ago in Colombia, camping became more than just sleeping on the ground and evolved into a perfect blend of the natural and the comfortable.

The concept has been refined, and today, those developing this alternative have seen growth with the demand from people seeking unique experiences in an ecological environment. Thus, spaces have been designed to fit the terrain, allowing tourists to experience unforgettable moments.

This new concept has become a new alternative for pleasurable and unique travel, allowing you to enjoy an environment surrounded by nature. Now travelers not only want to explore places, learn about traditions, and immerse themselves in local culture, but also seek new forms of accommodation beyond the traditional.

Some may confuse the term with the well-known “camping,” but there are important differences to consider.


Among the main characteristics of Glamping are environmental preservation and creating harmony with nature. Various places in Colombia now offer this innovative form of accommodation so that nature lovers don’t miss the opportunity to camp more comfortably. There are no excuses not to travel around Colombia and enjoy the great wealth and natural diversity it offers.

Inside of a Glamping tent

The Glamping industry provides everything necessary to make your experience unforgettable. You no longer have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably or eating only canned food.

Glamping is an excellent option for those who love discovering incredible places and learning about their history and culture. It’s also for those who want to practice extreme sports, bike in natural areas, and go on ecological hikes.

Moreover, these sites cater to all types of audiences; you can go with family, friends, or a partner.

Although Glamping offers accommodation services similar to a hotel, it has distinctive features. Glamping is private, meant to be an experience for a few, so it’s recommended not to exceed ten units, which would not be profitable for large hotel brands.

Another distinctive aspect is the experience that Glamping provides: luxury and tranquility all in one.

There are different types of Glamping accommodations, such as cabins, treehouses, tipis, tents, and geodesic domes. This means that almost any space is potentially habitable. Generally, each style adapts to natural spaces without destroying them, only complementing them.


There are no exact figures on how many of these spaces exist in the country, but they can now be seen in all climates and forms. Colombians and foreigners identify Glamping as an attractive accommodation solution. On the other hand, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs are starting to see them as an interesting business model that strengthens national tourism.

What is known is the areas with the highest concentration of Glamping in Colombia; the department of Cundinamarca. Thanks to the large number of lagoons in many of its municipalities, such as the Tominé and Neusa reservoirs, and its wide variety of fauna and flora, it forms the perfect landscape to enjoy the Glamping experience near Bogotá, with most sites located less than two hours from the capital.

Glamping in Guatavita

This is probably the area with the highest number of Glamping sites in Cundinamarca. You’ll find everything from popular domes to container-style accommodations, a great example of how many materials are utilized in these types of lodgings, making it an innovative ecotourism option.

Additionally, there is a long list of activities in Guatavita that you can enjoy during your stay. Reaching the town will only take you a few minutes. Guasca and Guatapé are other popular areas for Glamping in Colombia.

Glamping is leading the tourism sector in Colombia. Every day new models of this type of accommodation emerge, so don’t wait any longer to experience it. Go Glamping!