A recent article by Valora Analitik highlights how Antioquia has become a popular destination for both national and international tourists during Holy Week. The region offers unique experiences that attract those looking for something different in their holidays.

One of the most popular destinations in Antioquia is Guatapé, where many tourists choose to stay in a glamping site. This form of luxury camping has gained popularity among those seeking an outdoor experience with the comforts of a hotel.

Guatapé is known for its beautiful landscape and the famous El Peñol rock. This makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking unique holidays in Colombia.

Glamping prices vary depending on the time of year, availability, number of guests, and services included. The glamping options in Guatapé are extensive, with many including breakfast and a commitment to sustainable tourism.


At GlampingBuzz, we believe that choosing accommodations committed to sustainable tourism is a way to contribute to the protection of the environment and local culture. Therefore, we provide more information to help you make informed and responsible decisions when choosing your next glamping accommodation in Guatapé.

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For those interested in booking a glamping in Guatapé, the reservation portal Booking offers various options ranging from $1,764,000 to $3,485,660 for a three-night and two-day package during Holy Week this year (2023). Most accommodations include breakfast in their rate and offer additional ecotourism plans with no cancellation fee.


  • Levit Glamping: Stay in a moon-shaped room with a private bathroom and water sports at the reservoir.
  • BubbleSky Glamping: A luxurious transparent bubble glamping with stunning views, offering exclusivity and privacy.
  • Celeste Glamping: Features dome-shaped rooms with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the season, and additional taxes may apply. However, having breakfast included can be a good option for those looking to save a bit of money on their stay in Guatapé.

Additionally, the additional ecotourism plan can be a great alternative for those who want to explore more of the nature surrounding this beautiful tourist destination.


In Guatapé, there are various ecotourism options to enjoy during a glamping stay. Some of the most popular activities include hiking and climbing the famous El Peñol rock, boating on the reservoir, cycling around the area, bird watching, and visiting the ecological nature reserve and recreational park La Culebra.

Additionally, some glampings offer extra plans such as outdoor yoga classes, mountain picnics, and nightly campfires to enjoy the starry sky. It’s important to note that these extra services may come at an additional cost; it is advisable to check their availability in advance.


Guatapé is known for its typical gastronomy, and many glampings offer local and regional food options. Some promote the production and consumption of organic and sustainable foods, which is an opportunity to support the local economy and contribute to environmental care.

Additionally, some glampings also offer activities that encourage interaction with the local culture. Craft workshops and visits to nearby communities are some of these activities, enriching the tourists’ experience and promoting respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.

In summary, Guatapé is a wonderful tourist destination for a tranquil and relaxing holiday. If you’re looking for different and exclusive accommodation, glamping is the perfect option.

At GlampingBuzz, we encourage you to make the decision and choose your next glamping accommodation. So, if you want a unique and sustainable experience, book your glamping in Guatapé now!

Originally published in Valora Analitik