Nature and comfort; two magical words that now merge to create the concept of Glamping: camping with glamour.

The way we travel to natural sites and remote landscapes has changed. It is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” vacation.

Safari Camping Tent Exterior

Outdoor recreation is the most special way to achieve true relaxation, filled with tranquility and peace. However, many were deterred from it, thinking about the discomforts of sleeping, mosquitoes, the bathroom, and a rainstorm in the middle of the night that could ruin the rest in a tent.


Today, glamping has arrived with full force to transform a campsite into something glamorous and exclusive. It’s not just about having a roof to sleep under, a bed, and a bathroom; it’s much more. It’s about experiencing something different in an eco-friendly environment with the comforts of a hotel.

So, to turn a camping trip into a glamping experience, all you need are incredible accommodations—those luxuries and special touches that will take your trip to another level.

Glamping is the modern equivalent that harmonizes the camps of yesterday with today’s technology. Glamping is a type of comfortable camping that envelops eco-friendly facilities and much more pleasant accommodations. In short, glamping is a way to connect with nature without sacrificing luxury and comfort.


Glamping is about making the camping experience comfortable and luxurious. Electricity, hot shower, a comfortable double bed, blankets, heating—all combined with a beautiful landscape. You can also enjoy nights under shooting stars, the sound of birds at dawn, and breathing fresher air, making it an experience no one wants to miss.

Amenities You Can Find Inside a Glamping Site.

An exclusive campsite, where there’s not as much space as in a hotel. Here, you can enjoy the countryside and nature and then return to take a shower in your private bathroom, where you can hear the stream while resting on a comfortable bed with fine bedding.

Glamping is the perfect combination of comfort and a nature-surrounded environment. Unlike traditional campsites, glamping offers a reflected experience that you won’t find at home or in a traditional camping trip. Enjoy it with friends, family, children, or a partner.


In Colombia, the glamping experience has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. One of the areas with the most development in this industry is the department of Cundinamarca. For those in Bogotá, there are many glamping options available just a couple of hours from the capital.


Without a doubt, camping in Guatavita has always been a well-known plan for those passionate about ecotourism. Today, this area has become a pioneer of glamping accommodations. The variety of plans in Guatavita makes it the perfect municipality for the development of these businesses, from observing its flora and fauna, engaging in activities at its lagoons and reservoirs, rock climbing, to simply enjoying a romantic plan to rekindle love.

You can also marvel at the region’s history, which will make your stay even more interesting. However, you can go to relax without engaging in any activity if you simply want to escape the noise of the city.

What makes glamping special is its ability to dazzle with its unique and eye-catching structures. In Guatavita, for example, there are accommodations such as domes, tipis, bubbles, cabins, and even metal containers.

Additionally, you can find options for all budgets, so if you decide to go on vacation with the whole family, we are sure there will be an option that fits your budget, but most importantly, provides an unparalleled experience that will be remembered by everyone, from the little ones to the adults.

In some places, you can even bring your pet—just remember to ask before booking, as each glamping site has different stay policies.

You can also go glamping in other areas near Bogotá, such as Guasca, Suesca, and Sopó—three small municipalities full of magic, culture, and art.


Definitely, glamping offers the best of both worlds. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a different kind of vacation, a connection with nature without leaving behind the necessary comforts for a pleasant rest.

Get ready to experience this adventure and learn more about eco-tourism in Colombia.