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goodman 5 ton gas furnace 5-12. Install the evaporator coil level with the drain connection to ensure proper drainage. Some gas furnaces sport a data information tag on the furnace interior left or right side, visible only after removing the front cover. 00 1- 2. Lifetime limited warranty on HVAC compressor & heat exchanger (10 year) 10-year unit replacement on select gas furnaces 10-year parts limited warranty on all functional parts. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of winter-and-summertime relief all in one sleek package. Clearance 5 Ton Goodman 15. ferguson. $3,379. In order to find the perfect furnace for your space, you will first need to calculate the square footage of your home in order to estimate how many BTUs the furnace will need to possess, whether you want standard or high efficiency, and what orientation the furnace will need to be. Let's break down each model in a little bit more detail! Goodman GMS Gas Furnace Need a new Goodman furnace? Click or call 888-474-9966 to shop the lowest prices online! We carry 80-96% Afue furnaces: GMEC96, GMVC96, GMS8, GMSS92, and more! Jan 21, 2020 · This gas furnace would be perfect for warmer areas in zone 1 – 3 of the heating zone map of the U. ) The other mistake is to ignore the efficiency when replacing old equipment. 3 out of 5 stars 17 3 Ton Goodman 14 SEER R410A 96% AFUE 100,000 BTU Vertical Gas Furnace Split System 120k BTU 80% AFUE Multi Speed Goodman Gas Furnace - Upflow/Horizontal - 24. 5 HSPF; One of the quietest air to air systems on the market with outdoor sound levels as low 060 represents a 5-ton cooling system or 60,000 nominal Btu Once tonnage is identified, multiply the tons by 400 to get total system typical cfm required. 00 That’s because Goodman lives up to its name in a big way, with time-tested energy-efficient technology, highly-durable materials and spot-on manufacturing. Both 80% and 90%-plus furnaces are available. 20 $3,649. 0 Ton Air Conditioner Condensing units online. Conventional gas furnaces are those rated up to 89% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). This unit would also be a common choice for 2. How much does a 3-ton gas furnace cost? A 3-ton, or 36,000 BTU, furnace costs anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the brand and efficiency. Nov 14, 2020 · The price was 30-60% less than the "Brand Names" - My unit cost ~$3,200 (a 5 Ton heat pump package unit with additional electric heat & new programmable thermostat) plus an additional $500 for Apr 13, 2020 · Goodman furnace series and models GMVM97 Type. Our goal is to bring you the right part and fair pricing with timely delivery. 5 Ton DiamondAir 14 SEER 80% or 95. The Bard gas/electric unit combines the benefits of gas heating and high efficiency electric cooling with the space saving design advantages of a wall-mounted unit. Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, 19001 Kermier Road, Waller, TX 77484 USA, Tel: 1-877-254-4729 Nov 23, 2015 · A 96% efficient gas furnace loses 4% of the heat created by burning the gas to exhause outside your home. Goodman offers a complete line of residential gas furnaces ranging from the basic single-stage 80% AFUE standard fan gas furnaces, up to the flagship 97% AFUE modulating variable speed furnace. Unit Capacity. To do this, we start with an 80,000 btu furnace with a 3-Ton (1200 cfm) blower, installed to a first floor utility room of a 1600-2000 sf home. add to compare compare now. 32. A quality furnace keeps your home warm and your utility bills low. 875 in. This furnace is run-tested for heating or combination heating/cooling applications. 80000 BTU 80% AFUE 5 Ton Two-Stage Upflow and Horizontal 1/2 hp Natural Gas Furnace Diversitech 6 in x 2-7/20 in x 4 in Furnace Block 500 lbs Rubber / $ 5. 00 /each Goodman DSXC18 Air Conditioner Key Features Communicates “fault codes” to enabled “L terminal” thermostats: ComfortNet™ Communication System compatible (optional) Humidity control with a matched indoor air handler/gas furnace with ECM blower: Humidity control with a matched indoor air handler Keep your outdoor spaces as warm as your home with our selection of heaters. Shortys HVAC Supplies stocks a large inventory of true OEM parts for repair and maintenance of American Standard air conditioner, furnace and heat pump applications Check out our you tube channel for tips on making DIY repairs Send us an email or give us a call if you need help identifying the correct part required for your maintenance or repair job. What is the best gas furnace to buy? The best gas furnace brands include Lennox Trane gas furnaces are packed with state-of-the-art technology for exceptional, cozy comfort. The first step is to examine the control board and check if the switch is stuck due to an obstacle in its path. Search Diagnostic Code Identification System Home Elite Series, Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace, 95% AFUE, 66,000 Btuh, Power Saver Constant Torque, 1 Stage, 1. Since 1919, Miller has been an integral part of improving the comfort of manufactured homes. 41-401 Hot Surface Igniter; 41-402 Hot Surface Igniter; 41 Miller Heating and Cooling . 5-3 Ton Components ; Unico 3-3. This unit is suitable for ground-level or rooftop installations and horizontal or downflow applications. When things go wrong with your furnace, however, it's often at the worst possible time, right in the middle of winter t Coleman furnace models are a great choice for heating small and large spaces, including your home or your office. All models feature Scroll® compressors for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. With Goodman furnace troubleshooting, the key is almost always Goodman GMS8 Series 24-1/2 in. Most of the time, the only tool that you will need to adjust your furnace gas valve is a screwdr This unit combines an energy efficient 14 SEER air conditioner with a powerful 100k BTU gas furnace. 5-3 Ton, EL195UH070XE36B Cat # : 79W77 Model/Part # EL195UH070XE36B Updating Price I've got a problem with my 15 year old Goodman furnace. 3 ton to 5 ton: About $2,300 to $3,200 Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. CleanAirFurnaceRebate. In the winter time, a good heating furnace can make all the difference in keeping you and your family warm. Jul 23, 2020 · 5 Ton 16 SEER 96% AFUE 120,000 BTU Goodman Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner System - Upflow Model: GSX160601 / CAPF4961D6 / GMVC961205DN / TXV-60 Low Price of: $0. Gas Furnaces eg. I would use 3/4 inch. There are 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of airflow per ton of cooling. 00 1- 1. acservicetech. OEM components are the best choice – they are built by the original manufacturer for the exact specifications of the system they are built for. 5 ton 12 seer 80% Gas Furnace and Air Conditioning System. 5 Ton 13 SEER GSX Straight Cool Condenser Model Number GSX130301 Dimensions 26" W x 26" D x 27-1/2" H Gas Furnace (1) Goodman GMES 60K BTU 80% Natural Gas Furnace Single Stage Upflow/Horizontal - GMES800604BN Click or call 888-474-9966 to save big on our wide selection of 5. The furnace’s control board thinks that the furnace is overheating so it runs the blower. This is the drive or air capacity of the unit. Goodman Gas Furnace Goodman Gas Furnace & A/C Carrier Carrier A/C & Indoor Coil Rheem 1. Amana AMVM97 modulating gas furnace Installing or replacing a furnace costs $5,500 with a typical range between $2,603 and $6,279 including materials, equipment and labor. GUH 5 Ton 110,000 BTU 1 Stage Air Handler, 95% Gas Furnace, Multi-Speed PSC GUH95A110C5M GUH 5 Ton 110,000 BTU 1 Stage Air Handler, 95% Gas Furnace, Multi-Speed PSC SKU : GUH95A110C5M Brand : Comfort-Aire Goodman 96% Two Stage Variable Speed 120K BTU Gas Furnace up to 5 Ton GMVC961205DN This gas furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 96%, which means that up to 96 Buy your 2. 41-401 Hot Surface Igniter; 41-402 Hot Surface Igniter; 41 For less moderate climates, installing a dual-fuel air source heat pump that works with a natural gas or propane furnace under a single control system can cost $2,500-$5,500 to install just the heat pump, or $5,000-$25,000 or more for a complete system that includes both the electric heat pump and a fossil-fuel furnace. This is a 2. Right hand or left hand connection for gas Sidewall Venting Blower (SVB-80) for horizontal and electric service. This should only be the drop if you are running the gas line over 15 ft. We also stock numerous reset switches required for the latest models. Step 1 – Inspect the Control Board. 5 Seer Goodman 80,000 Btu 81% Afue Gas Package Air Conditioner. To prevent damage to the plastic drain pan, minimum spacing is required between the drain pan and a furnace heat exchanger. A heat pump sucks over 2 watts of heat out of the surrounding air for every 1 watt of energy you put into it and thus can have an efficiency of over 100%. triple zoned, re-working ducts). Variable-speed blower; Self-calibrating modulating gas valve; ComfortBridge technology for precision temperature control; Tech specs. 5-ton condenser, 1300-1400 cfm air handler plus a programmable thermostat. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Print | Citation & Date | Reprint Advertisement Advertisement Advertise Wondering whether a gas furnace or electric furnace is best suited to your home? Here is a guide to help you choose. Today, regulations require that new furnaces must offer at least a 78 percent efficiency rating, and some more expensive gas furnaces approach 97 percent efficiency. Licensed - Bonded - Insured. I think 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER R 410A 96% AFUE 90,000 BTU Two Stage Variable Speed Vertical Gas Furnace Split System is one in all best product on this website. 14. 0% MID HIGH THIS MODEL Goodman Manufacturing Company, L. Free Shipping on items over $199. With an American Standard Packaged System, you can heat or cool your home without multiple units taking up space. GSX130301, ARUF29B14 2. Then the main blower starts working and the whole thing stays on for 2-3 minutes. register GCHP 6+ Ton A two stage forced air gas furnace is almost like having two furnaces in one. Nov 17, 2020 · Original review: June 12, 2020. Typically, only AC units use “ton” as a measurement of cooling ability while furnaces are sold using BTU’s. When the temperature rises, staying cool is easy with our selection of cooling products. Find Local Pros. and Air Conditioning System * 4. We're proud to offer products that deliver reliability, money-saving efficiency and outstanding value. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement What You'll NeedYou'll want to have these tools on hand to check the pilot light: Matches Fine Read this article for advice on adjusting a furnace gas valve. Similar to an obstructed air intake pipe, check for obstructions such as nests or leaves, but also check for inadequate sloping of the vent pipe, and make sure the exhaust pipe is supported every 5 feet of its horizontal run. Here the 3/4 indicates a 3 to 4 ton drive. * 3. 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER R410A 96% AFUE 120,000 BTU Two-Stage Variable Speed Horizontal Gas Furnace Split System 5. The switch is connected to hoses and the water in these can sometimes cause a little bit of a problem. C. Our in-house Goodman Heating And Cooling experts are here to help you purchase a Goodman Heating & Cooling Product at the lowest price possible, with free shipping available on all orders over $199. A Concord ® heat pump is a unit that can both cool and heat your home, making it a good investment every day of the year. Read customer and experts ratings on Goodman Heating & Cooling to find out what other customer have to say about our products and services. 5 Ton Central Gas Furnace (0 items) 2. 5 Ton 13 seer 96% 60K Btu Gas Furnace Split System(Upflow,Downflow,Vertical or Horizontal)) See discount price in cart Call for Info Goodman 3 ton 13 seer 96% 60K Btu Gas Furnace Split System(Upflow,Downflow,Vertical,Horizontal) Platinum 95 Gas Furnace Highlights. All YORK® products come with a written limited warranty on parts. com/the-book This HVAC Video shows a Complete Conversion from Natural Gas to Propane including Pressure Adjustment on a Fo A gas furnace is a piece of equipment from which you expect years of uninterrupted service. Learn how to troubleshoot some problems with gas furnaces. pdf" Files Click Here to Get a Free Copy of Acrobat Reader®. 5 Ton RGEA16 models feature UltraTech™ Scroll 2-Stage compressors with Comfort Alert™ diagnostics (see below), high/low pressure switches, and hard start kits. For more about Goodman, visit www. If it isn’t done correctly, it can cause a flash fire. 5 ton 15 seer 96% afue 80,000 btu goodman gas furnace system upflow gsx160301 / capt3743c4 / gmvc960804cn $ 3,662. 5 to 3 ton: About $1,750 to $2,300. Beat the heat with an air conditioner, portable fan, or drum fan. com LEAD LAW WARNING: In accordance with the US Federal or other States laws It is illegal to install products that are not “lead free” certified in potable water systems anticipated for human consumption. Air Handlers; Components & Accessories; Decorative Outlets; Fan Coil Unit Heat Options; Filters; Gasketed Spiral Metal Duct; Hydronics - Heating & Cooling; Install Kits Daikin is the World's No. Heat Pumps. Gas Furnaces Goodman GMVM96 | GCVM96 - 96% AFUE. [9] In 2017, the construction of the huge facility concluded to consolidate Goodman’s HVAC manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one, very large 4. **Available with participating distributors only. Gms8 series 33-3/8" 80% gas furnace units 80% afue, single stage, multi-speed, upflow horizontal (14 pages) Furnace Goodman GDS8 Technical Manual 33-3/8" 80% gas furnace units (24 pages) Packaged Systems. Apr 21, 2020 · Amana gas furnace series and models. We have been selling Goodman, Amana, and Janitrol repair parts since 1994. Allied is the right choice, right now. Goodman Gas Furnace Goodman Gas Furnace & A/C Carrier Carrier A/C & Indoor Coil Rheem 2 Ton 14 Seer Heat Pump System. This HVAC combination is designed for homeowners who live in regions with hot summers and cold winters. 5 Ton Central Gas Furnace 5 Ton 16 SEER Goodman GSXC16 Central Air System with GMVC80 Furnace $4,585. Goodman GPG Series Gas Pack - 2-1/2 Ton - 14 SEER - 60K BTU Product Highlights The Goodman® brand GPG Series Gas Pack offers energy efficiencies and operating sound levels that are among the best in the heating and cooling industry. Goodman is known for having some of the best warranties on the market. (602) 943-3426 (520) 292-6858 9828 North 19th Avenue 4065 East Illinois Street Phoenix, AZ 85021-1992 Tucson, AZ 85714-2106 www. 5 Ton 42,000 BTU 15. Financing options available O. Part Number: B13701-42. Goodman Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems our specialty. Loading Goodman Mfg R-410A User Manual. A furnace’s efficiency rating, heating stages and size will affect the cost as well as where you live and the difficulty of the installation. On Sale Part I – Our Top Picks of the Top 10 Furnace Brands of 2019 1. 5 Ton 16 SEER Goodman GSX16 Central Air System with GMES80 Furnace $2,435. Owners » Literature ARMSTRONG AIR PRODUCT LITERATURE. 5 Ton 14 SEER 60K 92% Gas System. Natural gas for a furnace is priced by the therm, or per 100,000 BTUs. Goodman Gas Furnace Limit Switches; Goodman Gas Furnace Roll Out Switches; Plenum Thermostats; SWT01263 Trane High Temp. 1 million square foot roof. Sold by theacoutlet Goodman 1. Unico 1-1. To be fair, the XP25 (heat pump) and XC25 (split gas/electric) from Lennox are an equal match for the XV20i with some features, even besting Trane in a few areas, but there are a few features and capabilities in the Trane unit nobody can touch…and I mean nobody. is required for a gas furnace. 0 out of 5 stars 2. venting. . Goodman technical support information, product brochures and more. 5 ton 120,000 BTU capacity. 5% AFUE. x 24. May 14, 2014 · Trane Unit YCD180F – The actual BTU for this unit is 180,000, but is truncated down to 180. View Profile View Forum Posts Since 1982, Goodman has been a name you can trust for high-quality and affordable heating and cooling products. Price with installation: About $5,500 $8,000. This unit allows for ground-level or rooftop applications. The Goodman GMVM87 is a gas furnace. S. Goodman® HVAC Service Manuals The Adobe Acrobat Reader® Application is Needed to Read ". will occur within the furnace. I would not use galvanized pipe if I didn't need to. While the model number is used to determine the tonnage size and the unit types. I would suggest that you check your limit and rollouts to make sure they are all closed with a voltmeter. When you own a Goodman air conditioner or air handler, gas furnace or heat pump, you’re going to want to maintain that product for years to come, and Repair Clinic is here to help you do just that. goodman air conditioner 2. Multi-Position Induced Draft Gas Furnace GMP Series Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency - AFUE 78% 82% 88% 97% 80. To get exact local costs, connect with one of our natural gas furnace installers today. Read full profile When it comes time to replace your furnace, it can be challenging to decide whether you should purchase a gas or electric version. 00 2. 5 in. Goodman Company, L. All Work Is 100% Guaranteed. Whether you need a new ac unit or looking to replace your current Goodman unit, we have it for you. 5 Ton 15. [pool1] Free shipping on orders over $99 The goodman gas furnace comes in several models such as: * 2. Other manufacturers incorporate the tonnage directly into their unit number. MFR: 59TN6A080V21--20 Amana Goodman Janitrol Gas Furnace PRESSURE SWITCH. To troubleshoot a misbehaving gas furnace, start with the easiest explanations and solutions, then work your way to the most complicated. For residents in the Deep South, an air conditioner paired with an air handler can be the all-inclusive solution to your HVAC needs. Contact your distributor representative or territory manager for more information. 5 80% Gas Furnaces; 95% Gas Furnaces; Package A/C; Package Heat Pump; Package Gas & Electric; Evaporator Coils; Air Handlers; Fan Solutions. *Complete warranty details are available from your local dealer or at www. P. 5-4 Ton - 60,000 BTU Add to Cart Add to List $678. The steam boiler is an old convection heating technology dating back over 200 years and is most commonly found in old homes. MRCOOL Signature 3. 5 ton2 Ton, 2. I keep getting the code 3 (3 FLASHES - Pressure Switch Stuck Whether you are looking for a split of packaged system, a heat pump or air conditioner, indoor air quality assistance or a gas furnace, you can rest assured that each Gibson unit has been constructed with only the highest standards of quality in mind. Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces - Goodman furnace and Nest thermostat 24V wiring - Hello, I have a GMV950704CXBA 2-stage furnace with a pcbbf107s furnace control board. Automatic Hot Surface Ignition - Designed in the USA. 97 Honeywell Home T4 Pro 1H/1C-Stage Programmable Thermostat GoodmanRepairParts. California Rule 1111: These heating products do not meet the California Rule 1111 air district 14/ng/J NOx emission limit, are subject to mitigation fees of up to $450 and are not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program: www. For homeowners with gas furnaces, it may be necessary to shut a furnace off and restart it to check the condition of the equipment and ensure that there is no gas leaking. 5 Ton 13 SEER Multi Speed Goodman Central Air Conditione r. It’s one of the most important aspects of the furnace, and you want to make sure that it has been set right because this distributes the gas in the furnace correctly. Need help with your choice? Learn more about the technology inside. 5% Dual Fuel Heat Pump System Up To 50K BTU, D1418HCL, Furnace, DCC1836ALA (T) List Price: $2,818. wide x 28. To receive the Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty (good for as long as you own your home), Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty (good for as long as you own your home), 10-Year or 2-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty, and 10-Year Parts Limited Goodman 2 Ton Mini Split Summary Of : Goodman 2 Ton Mini Split May 24, 2020 ~~ Free Reading Goodman 2 Ton Mini Split ~~ By Roald Dahl, 2 ton 14 seer ac only condenser fully charged for up to 15 of line set low sound output factory installed filter drier 2 ton the gsx140241 goodman condenser is a 2 ton unit meaning that it can cover up to a 2019 Central Air Conditioner Prices by Brand/Manufacturer. found below. Huge selection of Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnaces. Goodman gas furnace prices will vary by the model you wish to install. This is the series number; the G meaning gas (Natural or LP). This means that Thermal Zone comfort systems are able to do a superior job of removing moisture (humidity) from the air, in order to provide a more comfortable environment. Then the flames go off before the thermostat reaches the target temperature. Louvered condenser compartment for protecting the coil against yard hazards and/or weather extremes. (Features vary by model) The Goodman GPG1461100M41 provides 5 tons of electric air conditioning as well as 100,000 BTU of natural gas heating to your home, providing comfort to your home year-round. Perhaps you’d like to know more about the products you’re considering. Bard combines that same level of familiar comfort with the advantages of exterior wall-mount units to give you the ultimate in both performance and convenience. favorite this post Oct 1 3M Filtrete Furnace Filter 16x25x1. Therefore, simply divide 180 by 12 (12,000 reduced accordingly) to discover this is a 15 ton unit. Fully communicating controls offer advanced diagnostics to exchange system information and to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Gas floor heaters install on or in the floor. A central air conditioner & gas furnace split system combines the heating power of a gas furnace with the cooling capacity of a modern air conditioner. Some products, like furnaces, may also be affected by installation orientation (horizontal, upflow, or downflow) or even by the nozzle used in installation, as is the case with boilers and oil furnaces. Air handlers, condensing units, and evaporator coils are components of central air conditioning units, split system air conditioners, and heat pumps. 5 ton 13 SEER Air Conditioner GMSS960803BN-GSX130301-CAPF3030B6 4. Amana gas furnaces offer high efficiency, good warranties, low prices and — in many cases — ENERGY STAR qualification. It has the ability to run at a low BTU output and a high BTU output depending on the needs of the home. Quality rating: 4. 31. The Goodman GMES8 multi-position gas furnaces feature a patented aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and high-efficiency hot surface ignition system. 00. Cabinet There's nothing like your first high gas There's nothing like your first high gas bill of the season to make you dread a long, cold winter. Check out these great locations and get an idea of where to buy the perfect Coleman furnace or Coleman AC units to suit your lifestyle. Here’s how you can fix a stuck gas furnace pressure switch. 5 Ton Goodman 14. The Heavy-Gauge, galvanized-steel cabinet is protected by a high-quality, UV-resistant powder-paint finish. $2,356. 95 5 Ton 14 SEER 80% AFUE 100,000 BTU Goodman Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner System - Horizontal quantity Wholesale Furnaces Buying Guide. Read: 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER R 410A 96% AFUE 90,000 BTU Two Stage Variable Speed Vertical Gas Furnace Split System Review. Includes gas & oil furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, packaged units, air handlers and coils. Below is the data tag for a rusty old Holland gas furnace, visible on the front of the furnace above the gas burner tubes, accessible only when the furnace front cover door has been removed. In case you haven’t figured it out from reading our articles, we typically prefer the lesser-known companies because they offer the same technology and internal components as the name brand units, at a fraction of the price – a recipe for good value to our With nearly 100 years of experience, Rheem ® has used the power of gas to fuel some great advancements in energy-efficient home heating, making a Rheem gas home furnace one of the smartest choices you can make. or in Canada, ask your Lennox Dealer about the SL280V, which is also engineered for lasting reliability and efficiency. Think you have a furnace gas leak? Confirm your suspicions with these 7 tests. For homeowners with gas furnaces Troubleshooting Gas Furnaces and Gas Heaters - Most problems with gas furnaces are fix-it-yourself jobs, such as changing the filter. If you've got an older model with a pilot light – that ever-burning blue flame – resetting the furnace can intimidating, but it's an easy process. Whole-house gas furnaces produce heat for multifamily homes. We offer brand new Goodman air conditioner units at wholesale prices in multiple tonnages, EER & SEER Ratings. While it comes from the factory with a natural gas valve setup, a propane conversion kit is available at an additional cost to be field-installed. ChasRoberts. 00 4- 5 ton 14 May 20, 2013 · We just had a new 60,000 BTU gas furnace and 2. This coil features aluminum tubing and corrugated aluminum fins and rust-resistant, high-temperature, thermoplastic drain pan. 3 percent of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home York Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Every manufacturer has there own parts system and sometimes these parts are readily available aftermarket and sometimes the parts are proprietary and can only be purchased through the manufacturer of that equipment. Because having a gas furnace is not as important in these areas, you may not have to have one. Replacing a gas furnace runs from $3,800 to $10,000 or more for high efficiency models in complex installations. You can check to make sure it is not the thermostat by taking the Green wire off the thermostat connection or taking it loose from the furnace’s Compare Lennox slp98v gas furnace to Trane 4ttr6036j1 gas furnace; What do you recommend Bryant, Day&Night, Lennox, Maytag or another furnace in a 2 story 1300 sq ft condo in so ca? Can anyone tell me what brand furnace and air conditioning unit, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning installs? What furnace is the best, Bryant, Lennox, or Trane? Goodman 2. A split system air conditioner can be paired with a furnace or an air handler. It’s worth and worth is reasonable however it’s quality is high. Goodman ® is one of the biggest names in cooling, heating and energy-efficient home comfort. It even comes standard with superior warranty protection,   Don't OVERPAY for your Goodman gas furnace. It can deliver the warmth and is designed to save you money. 5 Ton Components; Unico 4-5 Ton Components; Spacepak High Velocity Systems. A. It starts w/o problem, inductor begins working, hot surface ignitor lights up and ignites the gas. 5 out of 5 stars (17) 17 product ratings - 3 Ton Goodman/ASPEN 14 seer 95/96% 80K BTU Gas Furnace UPFLOW GMSS960804CN 80,000 BTU 96% Gas Furnace and 2. and Air Conditioning System Failure to Ignite Caused by Clogged Flue Vent . 76 $2,545. Otherwise, warranties revert to the standard 5- or 10-year compressor, 20-year heat exchanger and 5-year parts limited warranties. Click on Your Model Number Below to View the Service Manual for Your Unit May 31, 2014 · One came out and spent a few hours going over what he thought needed to be done (new 5 ton system 14 SEER, 96% efficiency furnace. Love the system. So, no matter where you live or whether your home is small or large, Goodman probably has a gas furnace to help keep your home warm and comfortable. average natural gas prices), it costs just $12. 1 × 4 to 5 ton goodman horizontal evaporator coil r410-a $ 461. 00 $ 437. Prices are estimates for the following: 2. 5 HSPF; One of the quietest air to air systems on the market with outdoor sound levels as low Low cost, with Goodman gas furnaces starting at less than $700 The best warranties in the home heating industry including replacement of the entire furnace if the heat exchanger fails on top models A new era began for Goodman in 2012 when the brand was purchased by Daikin Global, one of the world’s first-tier HVAC manufacturing companies. Bryant – 574D030 – Again the BTU is truncated to 30. 5" Ca 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 120k BTU 80% AFUE Multi Speed Goodman Gas Furnace - Upflow/Horizontal - 24. Reliable. Quick Buy. Sold by theacoutlet an eBay Marketplace seller. 10 yr limited warranty. Carrier® Infinity® 96% AFUE 80000 Btuh 2 Stage Variable Speed Multipoise Gas Furnace . then the last few ft. This can save a considerable amount of energy, especially in the spring and fall. Rugged. 68. If you hear this sound, call a professional service technician immediately, especially if there is an odor of natural gas around the furnace. The house is in LA (Lower Alabama) 30 mile from the Gulf of 2. 01 RXGC-B14 Goodman Gas Furnace, Single-Stage Burner/Multi-Speed Blower, Upflow/Horizontal Low NOx 80% AFUE, 2. Solution: Test to make sure you are getting 24 to 28 volts AC between the G (green) and C (com) terminals on you fan center or control board. Shop now for Guaranteed Used Central Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and AC Compressors including GOODMAN Used Central Air Conditioner Package GPC1336H41AC ACC-15319 The worlds largest selection For installation in SCAQMD only: This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit, and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. 5 Ton Components; Unico 2. x 28 Goodman High Efficiency Furnace superstore. Goodman Furnaces. This gas furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 96%, which means that up to 96 cents of every $1. 5 ton 14 seer gsh140181 r22 goodman 745. For over a century, the Coleman® name has been a trusted icon in America. 5 ton goodman system. 5. 1501 Seamist Houston,Texas 77008 ® The Comfort™ 95 condensing gas furnace delivers on energy efficiency, achieving 96. When adjusting a furnace gas valve, it is recommended that you hire a professional to avoid gas leaks or any other accidents from occurring. You'll replace it every few Conventional gas furnaces are simple in design, yet sometimes things can go wrong. Learn More; Compressor An AC or heat pump compressor is the part of an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump that compresses and pumps refrigerant to meet household cooling requirements. 00 Our Price: $1,950. The terms and coverage details of your warranty are specific to the Bryant product models you own. com has the most reliable Goodman-Amana parts to maintain your HVAC units, including switches, sensors, motors, and valves. Features. Condenser (1) Goodman 2. Portable gas, oil, and kerosene heaters may be moved wherever heat is desired. 40k BTU 96% AFUE Multi Speed Goodman Gas Furnace - Upflow/Hor izontal - 17. 5" Ca Three Goodman gas furnace families feature the redesigned cabinet: the Goodman GMEC96, GMSS96 and GMSS92. His bid was a few hundred dollars under $27,000. Fast & Free Shipping - 60-day Returns - Free Expert Advice! 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER Central Air Conditioner 120,000 BTU 96% Efficiency Gas Furnace Upflow/Horizontal System | HeatandCool. On Sale SAVE $81. Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. #0 /srv/westside/releases/20200106162748/public/app/code/community/Cm/Cache/Backend/Redis. com Goodman's 5 Ton AC - 14 SEER central Air Conditioner - 100k BTU & 80% efficiency horizontal system. Lennox, Carrier, York, Goodman, Rheem, Maytag – all take a back seat to this For over 100 years, the Ruud brand has been the leader in water heaters and hvac systems for your home and business. 1. Learn More; Condenser Goodman 5 Ton 13 Seer Goodman 80,000 Btu 80% Afue Gas System. 0 ton 14 Seer 95% Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace. Add to Cart. Use this chart for troubleshooting your gas furnace. With our wide range of propane or natural gas furnace models available with a variety of advanced features and the latest technology Goodman serial number is very necessary when you want to check the warranty status of the air conditioner unit. Goodman GMEC800804BN 80% Two-Stage Gas Furnace Add to Cart for Price Two-Stage, Multi-Speed ECM Gas Furnace 80% AFUE Standard FeaturesTwo-stage gas valve provides. 5 SEER, 13 EER, and 9. Part Number: B13708-20. Carrier® Performance™ Boost 80% AFUE 88000 Btuh 4-Way Multipoise Induced- Combustion Gas Furnace Item: 58PHB090---1--16 MFR: 58PHB090---01116 The Goodman® GMH8 80% AFUE Two-Stage (Convertible), Multi-Speed, Multi-Position Gas Furnace features a patented aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger and durable Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition system. Buy Goodman High AFUE Furnace Direct and save. Trane XT90 Gas Furnaces The Trane XT90 furnaces are single-stage models with a lower purchase price. Heat pumps can be paired with a gas furnace so efficiency is maximized between the two fuel types. 75 out of 5. Compare ENERGY STAR Certified Furnaces, find rebates, and learn more. Jul 09, 2018 · 5 ton 16 seer goodman gas furnace Installed it a couple weeks ago Attached Images 06-18-2018, 10:01 PM #2. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace. If that's the boat you're in, you need to make a change. 1 SEER Cooling 80% AFUE 110,000 BTU Heating Complete Split A/C and Gas Furnace Gas Furnaces Condensing Gas Furnaces Up to 18. 0 Ton Indoor Cased Evaporator Coil - Fits 21" Wide Furnace. com is an independent wholesaler and factory authorized dealer of Goodman, Amana, and Janitrol HVAC repair parts. Requires natural gas and 120V connections at unit. R-410A is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. Trane Gas Furnace Price List for the Trane XR 95Gas Furnace Trane XR 95 80,000 Btu gas furnace: $1,659 Trane XR 95 120,000 Btu gas furnace: $1,819. 10 for the same Right hand or left hand connection for gas Sidewall Venting Blower (SVB-80) for horizontal and electric service. This furnace is not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program: www. $132. This system is the most common we have found installed in most homes that are between the 1600-2000 square feet range. This central equipment is typically installed and serviced by HVAC technicians. The ECM blower motor is electrically efficient and additional speed options enhance comfort. If your air conditioner or heat pump needs a warranty repair, OEM parts must be used or else your warranty could be voided. The XV95 can In some furnaces, especially older models, a boom could indicate the buildup of gas from a delay in the ignition. Provides fully modulating heating, operating between 40 percent and 100 percent firing rates for ultimate efficiency and comfort control; Converts up to 97. From high-efficiency air conditioners to premium packaged systems, you can depend on Maytag. Goodman furnaces are one reputable line of furnaces for the cold months. *Other exterior factors can also influence the price The average SEER rating of Bryant ACs means that it has a wide range of AC’s available for all users, whether they live in a hot area where you have to focus on efficiency Lennox, Air Conditioner, Elite, 3 Ton, 18 SEER, Variable, 208/230V, 1-Phase, 60Hz, EL18XCV-036-230 Cat # : 19K10 Model/Part # EL18XCV-036-230 Updating Price The Daikin brand All-aluminum CAUFA Uncased Upflow/Downflow Indoor Coils are made for split system air conditioners and heat pumps. Each has its own benefits and draw Many homeowners mistakenly assume both a boiler and water heater perform the same function. Bought a 5 ton 20 SEER Heat Pump. Goodman Furnace Prices by Model. Limit Switch; SWT01635 Trane High Temp Limit Switch ; SWT01652 Trane Furnace limit switch; SWT01729 Trane High Temperature Plenum Thermostat; Hot Surface Igniters. 3- 1. The pressure switch can also be tripped by an obstructed exhaust flue gas vent pipe. 10 total furnaces are produced in a range of sizes from about 60,000 BTU/h to more than 140,000 BTU/h. Check out our rundown of the highest rated gas furnaces on the market. php(362): Credis AllParts Heating - Goodman heating parts, Goodman furnace parts, Goodman parts, Goodman draft inducers, Goodman circuit boards, Goodman boards, Goodman modules, Goodman defrost boards, Goodman pressure switches, Goodman blower motors, Goodman ignitors, Goodman igniters, Goodman thermostats, Goodman limits, Goodman gas valves, Goodman time delays, Goodman sequencers, Goodman delays, Goodman In October 2016, operations at the new facility ramped up and the first Goodman air conditioner and gas furnace units came off the line. For example, don’t try to adjust the gas burners. Oct 21, 2014 · Amana vs Goodman – a short consumer guide to which is better for your home So lets take a look at the questions of who is a better fit for you, Amana vs Goodman. 5 Ton 16 SEER Goodman GSXC18 Central Air System with This Item: Goodman ComfortNet™ 21 in. Furnace options: 1-stage, 2-stage and variable capacity gas furnaces. This is a BRAND NEW Goodman/Janitrol/Amana Gas Furnace Air Pressure Switch. I hope this article helps those of you who are having difficulty in how to read the goodman serial number. 5 Tons - Air Conditioner The DCC Packaged Air Conditioner provides energy-efficient cooling performance in one self-contained unit. goodmanmfg. 5 Ton Goodman H/P 410A $1,400 (Clearwater) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 2 days ago · I have a 5 Ton ac condensor (scroll compressor) that was used for about 1-2 yrs and a gas 5 ton Furnace that's about 10 years old. Check 2020 latest prices & reviews of different Goodman models and avoid getting 5区(凉), 90%-93%. Known for rugged dependability and tremendous value, our products stand the test of time. SupplyHouse. franklinhvacsystems. The capability of air movement of this example furnace is 1200 to 1600 cubic feet per minute of air. 5 ton 13 seer asz130301 amana 810. 1 offer from $4,582. And the contractor has submitted rebates for us which will total $1,000 back to us from the state and utilities companies for installing high efficiency units. Goodman also utilizes a range of features designed to keep its gas furnaces running quietly, even in its entry-level models. Nov 13, 2009 · 1/2 inch will carry gas for a 100,000 btu furnace. 5 SEER R410A 92% AFUE 80,000 BTU Horizontal Gas Furnace Split System today at the lowest price & get Free Shipping included! Shop Goodman Furnaces at ACWholesalers today & save. At most other properties we use Goodman units, and have never had any problems. Valley-Wide A/C and Heat Pump Sales And Service. If your gas furnace is blowing cold air, a number of factors could be to blame—many of which you can address on your own, without the immediate help of a service professional. 7% AFUE. (Oil furnaces, on the other hand, are rated by their output, so a 60,000 BTU oil furnace will supply 60,000 BTUs. com Jul 09, 2018 · 5 ton 16 seer goodman gas furnace Installed it a couple weeks ago Attached Images 06-18-2018, 10:01 PM #2. Goodman gas furnaces have good AFUE ratings of between 80% and 98%, so they’re energy-efficient, although models with ratings between 80% and 90% would be more suited to warmer climates. 80% AFUE 5 Ton Single-Stage Upflow and Horizontal 3/4 hp Natural Gas Furnace www. Shop 5 Ton Goodman Central Air Conditioning 96% Efficiency 120k BTU Gas Furnace Upflow System. 1 air conditioning company. Luxaire is a premier line of high performance heating and air conditioning equipment, continually setting the standard in features and innovation. 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER R410A 96% AFUE 80,000 BTU Two-Stage Variable Speed Vertical Gas Furnace Split System Trane gas furnace prices The average cost of a 3 ton entry level Trane furnace and replacement installation starts at $3,200. Item: 59TN6A080V21--20 . 1501 Seamist Houston,Texas 77008 ® OOM command not allowed when used memory > 'maxmemory'. Goodman furnaces are a real value overall for those who have a budget to consider for a new HVAC system The price for a Goodman gas furnace can range from $1,100 to $3,650 in total installation costs. 00 1- 4 ton 13 seer gsz130481 goodman 975. Each Goodman furnace We make these savings a reality by offering Goodman gas furnaces, air conditioners, air handlers, modular blowers, and evaporator coils, as well as Amana PTACs, Gree products and other HVAC merchandise at steeply discounted prices, while still serving up the best quality in the industry. Today, the manufactured home is a sophisticated, affordable home that is a smart choice for many buyers. 3 Ton Goodman/ASPEN 14 seer 95/96% 80K BTU Gas Furnace UPFLOW GMSS960804CN 4. can be 1/2 inch But if this is propane 1/2 inch is fine. DCC Series 7. The best choices come from the best information. Goodman 2. deep (5 ton) to 34. 1% 3-5 Ton Intertherm Gas Furnaces Condensing Gas Furnaces Up to 18. Here is a video of me installing a 1. Free shipping on all Goodman models! This system is the most common we have found installed in most homes that are between the 1600-2000 square feet range. The GMVM96 is Goodman's high-end gas furnace, with a 96% AFUE and some of the longest warranties of any furnaces on the market. Learn to fix the few troubles, usually involving the pilot light or thermocouple. 5 ton 13 seer vsz130301 gmc by goodman 675. View Profile View Forum Posts Read: 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER R 410A 96% AFUE 90,000 BTU Two Stage Variable Speed Vertical Gas Furnace Split System Review. Note that these prices are general estimates including installation and will vary significantly by region you live, the company or contractor you deal with, and other factors like the location and complexity of the installation, and of course the exact model you choose. For installation in SCAQMD only: This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit, and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. From high-efficiency gas valves and two-stage heating to our patented EHX™ Technology, Armstrong Air gas furnaces use advanced designs to bring more to every home. A popular option is the GMVC80 that keeps noise to a minimum through a high-efficiency variable-speed motor. GMVC95. GUH 5 Ton 110,000 BTU 1 Stage Air Handler, 95% Gas Furnace, Multi-Speed PSC GUH95A110C5M GUH 5 Ton 110,000 BTU 1 Stage Air Handler, 95% Gas Furnace, Multi-Speed PSC SKU : GUH95A110C5M Brand : Comfort-Aire Page 1 USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS AIR CONDITIONING CONDENSING UNIT 1 THRU 5 TON and GAS FIRED FURNACE Photo shown is a typical unit and will vary by model and size. A gas furnace in the 1970s had an efficiency rating of about 65 percent. HVAC_Marc. These are often old furnaces that have standing pilot lights, a Most gas furnaces have few operational difficulties. Jul 30, 2018 · Gas is the most common heating fuel. Buy Goodman GPG1461120M41 5 Ton Cooling / 120,000 BTU Heating, R-410A Refrigerant, 14 SEER. Choose from one of our gas or electric garage heaters, gas or electric wall heaters, or space heaters. Let's say you have an 70k BTU gas furnace at the end of its useful life. Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace DOOR SWITCH. Find wholesale prices on top Goodman Forced Air Furnaces. Trane 95 and 90 Gas Furnaces 10 13 12 11 9 8 2 3 4 7 6 5 XC95m 1 XV95 Furnace with Variable-Speed Motor and ™Comfort-R Two-stage heating uses gradual, steady warmth for efficiency, with plenty of reserve heat on standby when needed. If you live elsewhere in the U. Dec 09, 2014 · Problem: Fan will not come on in the “ON” position or your fan will not come on when you turn the thermostat down in the air conditioning mode. 5 Ton 14 SEER GSX Straight Cool Condenser Model Number GSX140301K Dimensions 29" W x 29" D x 32-1/2" H Gas Furnace (1) Goodman 60K BTU 80% Natural Gas Furnace GCEC Two Stage Downflow Model Number GCEC8006 Nov 12, 2020 · However, the Goodman brand's products have a solid build quality, along with offering great warranty programs you can count on. The cost was $6,200 for both. Goodman GMS80804BN Gas Gas Furnace、釣り with 80% Afue Afue,。更にお得なPayPay残高も 80,000 Btu, with 4 Ton【並行輸入品】 :B007R58AZ8:ニコ商事 Mar 26, 2020 · Some Goodman gas furnaces feature a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty, while many Goodman central air conditioning units carry a lifetime limited compressor warranty. In some furnaces, especially older models, a boom could indicate the buildup of gas from a delay in the ignition. This GOODMAN GPC1460M41 Multi Position Air Conditioner Package Unit features energy-efficient cooling performance in 1 self-contained unit. As we try to do on all our furnace pricing pages, we have to set a baseline home, to give you an idea of how the carrier furnace costs listed below, could affect your own situation. Apr 16, 2018 · Today, natural gas furnaces usually come with automatic ignition options, making this task simpler for some folks. [pool1] Free shipping on orders over $99 AllParts Heating - Goodman heating parts, Goodman furnace parts, Goodman parts, Goodman draft inducers, Goodman circuit boards, Goodman boards, Goodman modules, Goodman defrost boards, Goodman pressure switches, Goodman blower motors, Goodman ignitors, Goodman igniters, Goodman thermostats, Goodman limits, Goodman gas valves, Goodman time delays, Goodman sequencers, Goodman delays, Goodman May 20, 2013 · We just had a new 60,000 BTU gas furnace and 2. Maytag ® HVAC’s line of exceptional home comfort systems offers the dependability and reliability you expect from an appliance wearing a Maytag ® badge. Goodman Gas Furnace Product Line. Gas-fired duct furnaces connect to a natural gas line and are used as components of a heating, heating/cooling, or makeup system. Most Goodman HVAC products are covered by a 10-year limited parts warranty, whereas some products, such as the DSXC18 Air Conditioner, also feature a 10-year limited unit Gas Furnaces: 80K BTU - 105K BTU. Nov 16, 2020 · Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces - Goodman High Efficiency Furnace Won't Light Up - I have a 6 years old Goodman furnace [GMH950703BXAG]. 00 1- 3 ton 16 seer dsz160361 2 speed compressor goodman 1800. Compare Goodman models, prices, and specs to find the perfect Goodman Furnace for your application. 00 Our Book https://www. Delivering Efficiency, Strength and Rock Solid Value Feeling confident — that's what a Guardian ® central heating and cooling system stands for. Unit cost at contractor's wholesale price: 1. com **We off many models and brands, if you are looking for something else please call!!*** 1 ton 1. Aug 31, 2017 · Genuine Goodman HVAC parts protect your system’s warranty. Available in 5- to 10-ton models; 34. Amana ® brand gas furnaces live up to expectations through intelligently designed components that benefit from decades of performance testing and refinement, like our new stainless-steel heat exchangers. A measure of furnace heating efficiency. The SL297NV is a new gas furnace product that’s available in select parts of California. com. Better Business Bureau A+ Rated. A minimum spacing of 2 in. Though it continues to recycle 2 Ton 14 SEER 80k BTU 96% AFUE 2 Stage Variable Speed Goodman Central Air Conditioner & Gas Split System - Horizontal (S&D) As low as: $2,169. Goodman Furnace Warranty: Air Conditioners. All brands of Air Conditioning and all types of A/C systems. high x 17. Planned on installing them in the shop but that's changed, just need to make room in my garage, nothing wrong with either one. 02 to generate 1 million Btu from furnace in the United States with an 82 percent efficiency (based on U. Replaced my whole system last year. Item details: Qty: Low : High: Furnace Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: 96% efficiency gas furnace heater. 5 Ton, 3 Ton, 4 Ton, 5 Ton, Package Unit 13 seer 14 seer 15 seer 16 seer 17 seer 18 seer 19 seer Central AC | Heat Pump | Air Conditioners | Packaged Units |Package Unit | Heat Pump Packaged Unit | Gas Pack | Gas Packaged Unit | Gas Package Unit | All in one unit | All in one A/C | A/C Thermal Zone comfort systems are designed to deliver a very high rate of latent capacity. Fast & Free Shipping - Price Match Plus - Buy Now! 5 Ton Goodman 14 SEER Central Air Conditioner 100,000 BTU 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace Horizontal System Buy your 5 Ton Rheem 14 SEER R410A 80% AFUE 100,000 BTU Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace Split System today at the lowest price & get Free Shipping included! Modulating, Variable-Speed ECM Gas Furnace Up to 98% AFUE Heating Input: 60,000-120,000 BTU/h To get longer life from your Goodman furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps, when a higher stress component such as a gas valve, air switch, blower motor, blower wheel or ignitor fails, you can purchase genuine replacement parts from one of the country's leading wholesalers. Winter is always just over the horizon, so tune-up your furnace and watch your heating bills go down. 0 ton 14 Seer 93% Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace. 06. 45,000 BTU 95% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Multi-Speed Low NOX Gas Furnace with 17. GOODMAN has become 1 of the largest manufacturers of residential and light commercial air The Dave Lennox Signature SLP98V gas furnace features efficiencies up to 98. 00 1- 2 ton 14 seer ssz140241 goodman 775. $32. Standard Features. 5 ton 14 seer ssz140181 goodman 745. Furnaces produce heat for central heating by burning natural gas or another fuel. 5 Ton Components; Unico 2-2. 5 ton unit. Amana makes a range of gas furnaces to heat residential homes, including single-stage, two-stage and modulating gas furnaces. For Goodman brand gas furnaces, you must follow the startup procedure exactly to ensure safety. For our purposes, we will compare the Amana ASXC18 in a 3-ton size (the most common size for an average American household) and the Goodman DSXC18 in 3-ton, both of which are on the Dec 29, 2018 · A heating degree-day calculation, using the month of July as a factor, is a more precise way of estimating furnace size. 5 Ton 16 SEER R410A Straight Cool System GSX160181 ASPT25B14 Goodman 1 Overall Efficiency <p>Efficiency within a model group will tend to vary by the size (capacity) of the unit. 5-3 ton AC units, so we have included a column in our Lennox furnace price list below, that includes central air, installed. 5 ton AC unit installed. Heat pumps typically require 400 cfm per ton in cooling mode and in heating mode. These furnaces are run-tested for heating or combination heating/cooling applications. Models range from 30K Btu/h to 60K Btu/h with a 3-ton airflow. Gas furnaces use gas to heat your home. Dec 10, 2018 · While it costs around $14. Unit is very quiet, runs on low most all of the time. Gas Mobile Home Furnace 77,000 BTU 80% 3 Ton Heat Only Intertherm AC Pro #: 42105 MFG #: M1MB077AAW Gas Mobile Home Furnace 90,000 BTU 92. MRCOOL&174; 4 Ton Gas Furnace 70,000 BTU 95% AFUE Downflow 5-Speed MRCOOL&174; Signature Series 80% AFUE Single Stage Gas Furnace. Typically, Bryant products, if registered within 90 days, come with a 10-year standard parts limited warranty; otherwise 5 years*. Modulating gas heat and variable speed blower provide precise comfort, quiet operating sounds, and high energy savings. Free shipping on all orders on site! Choose the right heat exchanger for you from our selection of genuine Goodman, Amana, and Janitrol OEM replacement heat exchangers. The Goodman GSZ140421 heat pump is a good low cost option as it provides efficiency and comfort by being made of high quality materials to provide a superior environment in your home. goodman 5 ton gas furnace

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