Glamping encompasses a wide variety of unique rural tourism accommodations in the midst of nature. There are many types of Glamping with very authentic forms, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Cabins, yurts, tipis, domes, among others, all created to provide you with the Glamping experience: camping with glamour.

These unique accommodations offer the opportunity to enjoy both natural beauty and comfort and luxury. This, in turn, attracts tourists who wish to retain the comfort of their home while embarking on new experiences.

They are ideal for an unforgettable romantic getaway, a weekend with friends, or an incredible vacation.

One of the great features of Glamping is that it offers comfort and convenience using natural materials to maximize the resources provided by nature, utilizing stones, wood, flowers, branches, anything that can be sourced from the environment without affecting it.


Dome style Glamping tent with a transparent window in the middle of a forest

These are geodesic structures located in natural habitats, spherical in shape, designed to allow you to see through them and admire the landscapes and their bright stars. It is ideal for those who love nature and do not want to miss any detail of what is happening outside the dome.

Glamping in one of these domes for a vacation is truly an experience of connection with the environment.


Pleasant, picturesque, and surrounded by natural beauty. One of the advantages of this type of accommodation is that it is a great option for large groups who want to have a wonderful experience in a natural setting with all the comfort.


This is part of the original type of glamorous camping accommodation. These are large houses built like a nest in the middle of a tree, full of amenities and usually with a beautiful view to enjoy. They are perfect for a vacation with children.


Yurt style Glamping in northern Russia with views of the Northern Aurora Borealis

Mongolian round houses. Circular tents with beams and fabric walls originating from Mongolia.

Nowadays, yurts come with all the amenities and are ideal in any type of climate, making them the perfect Glamping option for any time of year.


Conical tents used by the nomadic tribes of Native Americans. They are made from skins or fabrics and wooden poles. These are some of the favorites in the world of Glamping.

The tents or tipis are among the most popular Glamping structures.

Surprise your partner, children, or friends with this new way of enjoying a getaway to nature.


Do you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation close to Bogotá? Glamping in Cundinamarca and Boyacá is what you are looking for! In this area, you will find the best places for a weekend getaway.

The region offers a variety of Glamping experiences for all tastes. From domes, cabins, and even containers near Bogotá, there are many Glamping options for all budgets and lifestyles.

In Boyacá, visitors can enjoy the Glamping experience in a place full of comfort and privacy. As a main attraction, some have pools and jacuzzis. You will also find other amenities such as campfires and catamaran nets.

Many of these Glamping sites are equipped with modern kitchen equipment, flat-screen TVs, comfortable beds, and modern bathrooms. These types of accommodations are ideal for those looking for a unique and, above all, comfortable vacation.


Do you want to live a different experience? This town offers a wide variety of accommodations, from cabins to hotels, all at affordable prices. From here, you can engage in all kinds of outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, and even biking to the surroundings.

In Guatavita, visitors can enjoy the Glamping experience in a wide variety of domes, one of the most popular structures in the area. These domes offer the comfort of a hotel with the freedom of being outdoors.

These unique places include beds and bathrooms with hot water and other elements to make your visit a pleasant experience, such as coffee makers, heating, and even restaurant service. The domes are ideal for those looking for a camping experience without the hassle of setting up a tent.

For those looking to save money, there are many affordable Glamping options near Bogotá.

These places are ideal for those who want to spend a vacation within their budget in Guatavita. Although there are also slightly more luxurious options that offer five-star hotel services, the range is very wide.

Now that you know a little more about the Glamping industry in Colombia, it is your opportunity to experience and enjoy an original vacation. Try Glamping now!